Guys… go grab yourself a cup of something to cozy up with.  Alright, you have your cup of Joe, or tea or whatever you fancy? Because this blog post is one that you’re going to want to spend some time looking through. Dean and Colleen planned so many sweet details for their romantic Toledo wedding at the Maumee Bay State Park Lodge.

This beautiful day was filled with perfect weather, love and laughter! When we arrived at Maumee Bay State Park to photograph the dress the wind was blowing off the water but we really couldn’t complain seeing as there wasn’t any rain! As we finished up getting ready we prepped for their first look.

We love first looks. For a few reasons but one of the best reasons is because our couples get a chance to really enjoy each other. Those few minutes where they are alone together, able to take a deep breath, talk about the upcoming ceremony is so special. It calms their nerves, we’re able to do most of the photos before the ceremony and then they can relax with their friends and family after they tie the knot.

We then headed to downtown Toledo for a few quick photos of the bride and groom. When it came time for the ceremony, many of Dean’s long distance family and friends couldn’t attend so they live streamed the whole thing! How awesome is technology these days?!

After a few more photos with family it was time to celebrate with dinner, desserts, toasts and dancing. Dean and Colleen had an absolutely wonderful day and we were honored to be there to document it for them!

Oh and don’t miss the vendor list at the bottom! Everyone worked so hard to create a fairy tale day <3


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Linens: Maumee Bay
Flowers: Bartz Viviano
Ceiling Decor: Candlelight Occasions
Music: Ultimate Nights
Cupcakes: Wixey Bakery
Dress: Atlas Bridal
Hair: Future Wave Salon

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