If I’ve learned one thing over my years of photographing weddings its that sometimes, well most times, you just gotta go with the flow. Before every wedding, we sit down with each of our couples and discuss all of the important wedding day details. We discuss sentimental items incorporated in their day, guests that mean a great deal to them, and most importantly timeline. Let’s face it, most couples aren’t professional wedding planners… in fact, it’s often their first time planning a wedding. So we go over each step of the day to help keep everyone on the same page. But as much as you can plan timelines are rarely followed to a “T” on wedding days. As a photographer we have to adapt.

Tyler and Skye were married at the Tamaron Country Club in Toledo OH last week. At their pre bridal consultation we discussed the possibility of rain. Thankfully! The rain stopped earlier in the day, the sky cleared up and everything seemed to be going according to schedule. However about 30 minutes before the ceremony started as we were taking photos, the wind gusts were so strong! I mean strong enough to knock over the chairs at the outdoor ceremony space, blow flowers out of the brides beautiful bouquet and not to mention what wind like that does to a bridesmaid’s hair. At the last minute the wedding ceremony moved indoors. But it worked out beautifully and Tyler and Skye still were married without a hitch despite the last minute changes.

The ceremony was very sweet. Both Skye and Tyler’s fathers officiated the ceremony which was such a special thing for all of the family. After the ceremony we headed back to the chilly windy outdoors to get some photos of the happy couple and bridal party. The wind was cold but it made for some really beautiful; moody photos of the two of them.

This is the fourth Bernsdorff wedding I’ve photographed in the past three years! During the family formal portion of the photos I felt like I could just hop right in haha. But in all seriousness, it has been such a joy working with these girls on their wedding days. Each one has been unique and has shown who they are as a couple. There are a few things that remain the same in each wedding though. One being the sheer joy these couples have as they begin this new chapter in their lives. And secondly the love these parents have for their girls. Every wedding I see an emotional dad just so happy for his baby girl. And a mom who works tirelessly to create a perfect day. Vickie is beyond creative! She handled all of the decor and designed the bouquets at this wedding too. Since the first wedding three years ago the family has since moved states apart and in some cases countries apart! It was so sweet to see them get to all be together again and share in such a happy occasion.


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