I watched the weather daily leading up to Kayla and Allen’s wedding. I mean we can work around rain but it makes for a very stressful day for a photographer. Call it luck or call it an act of God, the 80-90 percent chance of rain somehow held off! A couple plans for so long for their wedding day, and of courser there are “plan b”s in place but it is less stressful to have a rain free wedding for everyone involved. While there was no rain there was definitely heat and humidity!

We celebrated the rain free day by spending a good amount of time outdoors taking photos. Between photos before the ceremony at the Toledo Museum of Art to family formals outside the Glenwood Lutheran Church to “grooms party”  photos following at the Toledo Botanical Gardens it was a busy but good day!

Following the ceremony and photos we ended the night with great food, “Selfie-stations”, cake and cupcakes and dancing. It was a beautiful day and we were so happy to get to witness Kayla and Allen tying the knot.

Allen and Kayla incorporated a bunch of unique details into their day to really make the day special. One of my favorites though was Kayla’s choice to alter her mom’s wedding dress to have a more modern fit. Such a special way to honor her parent’s example of marriage in a very personal way.

Now don’t mind the overshare… I’m terrible at choosing “just a few”

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