I know I’m probably biased because I’m a photographer… and you guys are probably just about sick of hearing me say this but photos are so important.  Photographs freeze those wonderfully fleeting moments you want to look back on. Photos remind you of how quickly life changes; how quickly those babies grow; of those wonderfully chaotic happy times.  Sure a certain smell or object can bring you back in time for a second but nothing quite serves as that window to the past like a photograph does. We met for tonight’s family session at their Toledo home. I often tell my clients to choose a location special to you. Sometimes a familiar location makes for the best backdrop. There’s some sort of comfortability in a place so familiar–it takes some of the uncomfortable “I’m in front of a camera” feeling away.

Tonight I spent a little time with the Szirony family documenting the blessings in their lives. In just a matter of a few years Sue and Charlie have seen their children graduate high school, attend college, two of their children got married and they now have four beautiful grandchildren. Life moves so quickly!

As challenges come and we are faced with uncertainty sometimes the most relieving thing is to reflect on the blessings surrounding us. Tonight was busy chasing all those grand-babies around but I hope in the chaos of it all, grandma got a chance to look around at her beautiful blessings. Her children and their spouses happy and in love; her grand babies soaking up every minute of being together at grandmas house. Because in the end family is everything!

Love deeply, loves <3

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Mother’s day is coming! We are almost fully booked for family photography sessions for Mother’s Day. If you are located around the Toledo area and would like a portrait session hit us up before we’re fully booked!

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