It makes my heart happy to be able to see our couples just giddy with love. This engagement session is even nearer to our hearts at Love is Greater Photogaphy because it is of our very own Megan, intern extraordinaire! She has been an intern with us for an entire wedding season but now instead of getting to work with her behind the camera, she and her beau, JD got to be in front of the camera for a change.

Both JD and Megan are artistically talented with experience in music, videography and photography so it was no shock we would be photographing their engagement shoot at a unique venue.  We piled in the car and took a few hour drive from Toledo to an abandoned church in Findlay, OH they explored a few years ago. We set up some moody lighting, dusted off the pews, tried not to disturb the massive spiders who have taken residence there and let the creativity flow between them.

From there we headed to a nearby park with an amazing reservoir and fall foilage. We had gorgeous light and a beautiful sunset. It was a perfect way to end their engagement session. We can’t wait for the wedding!

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