WAY back when… I photographed both of these two for their senior photos! Crazy to think enough time has passed for them to be getting engagement photography taken.  It’s been fun to see them start dating and now move on to being engaged as they prepare for married life!

We met at the Toledo Museum of Art after a few failed attempts because of bad weather. FINALLY the weather cooperated (it was quite beautiful, actually) and we managed to get some adorable engagement photos for them. We plan to snag a few wedding party photos on the big day at the TMA too so it will be fun to see the correlation of the engagement photos and wedding photos.

toledo-ohio-family-photographer_0007 toledo-ohio-family-photographer_0008 toledo-ohio-family-photographer_0009 toledo-ohio-family-photographer_0010 toledo-ohio-family-photographer_0011 toledo-ohio-family-photographer_0012 toledo-ohio-family-photographer_0013

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