Oh young love… Chris and Danielle’s love is simply infectious. Danielle and Chris have been together for 3 years but as an outsider looking in it seems like they’ve been together much longer. They have such a comfortable presence with each other. He makes her laugh, she makes him smile.

We met at Wildwood Metro Park in Toledo for their engagement photography session. They are from Michigan so it was fun to explore a place they’ve never been to. We walked around the gardens and grounds while they snuggled talked and laughed. We are excited to photograph their September wedding in Manchester, MI!

I’m especially excited for the wedding because it will be held on his property. It’s where they met, had their first date and will share such a memorable day with friends and family as they take this next step in life. I love having a backdrop such as that –somewhere that means so much to the two of them! It will be a wonderful day for everyone involved.
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