Macie Catherine- my sweet little niece! She came to our Toledo photography studio at six days old. I started planning her session pretty much as soon as I found out my sister was pregnant with her. Having months to plan a newborn session is a good and bad thing. It was great that I had time to prepare however I feel like I almost had too much time to prepare! Every time I came across a cute prop I was tempted to buy it (and most of the time did).

Before the session I also decided to try my hand at sewing outfits for my newborn photography sessions. I ended up sewing three different outfits for her! Along with all of the backdrops, tiebacks and bows I bought for her session I ended up having way more props than I’d ever get to use in one session. It doesn’t really bother me though because I’m positive I’ll have the chance to use them all in future sessions with other sweet babies.

We ended up using two of the outfits I made though and I was very pleased how they turned out. I especially love the little pink one with the low back and off white bow. It laid really nice on her and was so dainty and sweet… just like Macie.

From the beginning I knew parent and sibling posing would be a challenge with Sadie only being about 15 months old. I began researching different techniques and poses to help the session run smoothly as well as keep everyone safe. Jess also began preparing by having Sadie practice sitting still and smiling when prompted! She’s the cutest… she sits, looks at the camera and says “Cheee!!” (which is cheese in Sadie speech). She is then rewarded with a spree. And rightly so… it’s hard for any one year old to sit still! She did such a good job at the photo shoot!

Go ahead…scroll through this sweet baby’s newborn session and try to not catch baby fever!
toledo-newborn-photographer_0030 toledo-newborn-photographer_0031 toledo-newborn-photographer_0032 toledo-newborn-photographer_0033 toledo-newborn-photographer_0034 toledo-newborn-photographer_0035toledo-newborn-photographer_0039 toledo-newborn-photographer_0036 toledo-newborn-photographer_0037 toledo-newborn-photographer_0038

Adorable right?! Our available newborn sessions are quickly filling up. If you or someone you know is expecting around the Toledo area and would like to set up a newborn session contact us today!

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