A wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. It’s a huge chapter that defines so much about your life! ¬†We, as photographers, feel very responsible while editing your wedding photos to provide consistently clean, “trend” free gallery. New editing trends come around on what seems to be a constant basis.

Remember the perms and puffy sleeves of the 80’s era weddings? You barely glance at a photo and think “Wow that was taken in the 80’s”.

The same is true with editing styles of today. Some editing styles are very light and airy while others are dark and moody. Remember when selective coloring was a thing? We’re all thankful that trend has come and gone!! Super matted editing was all the rage last year and this year rich oranges, muted reds and greens seem to be the go to look.

While we’re all about staying up to date with gear and techniques, it’s also super important for us that you love your photos today as well as at your 50th wedding anniversary. For that reason we steer clear of those trends. We believe skin tones should be natural. If your lips had a pink tone they should still have a pink tone after being edited. Trees (at least most in NW Ohio) aren’t naturally yellow-orange so our edited photos won’t be either.

We look on with gratitude at other photographers style choices because photography is an art form. It’s meant to be explored! The boundaries are meant to be pushed!

However, for us at LGP your wedding day is not the time or place for us to jump on the trendy edit bandwagon. Because again, a wedding happens once. The photos are what you will forever look back on. They become the heirlooms you pass on to your children and their children. It’s important and it’s our promise.

In case you need some visual aid we’ll post examples below.

Here’s one of our images SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera)


And here’s what our edited version looks like. Simply put– Clean, Rich and Natural.LGP-mm-10

And here is the same image with some editing trends we see

LGP-mm-2 LGP-mm-3 LGP-mm-4 LGP-mm-5 LGP-mm-6 LGP-mm-7 LGP-mm-8 LGP-mm-9

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